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Patient Hub provides customized online patient registration to help your office reduce paper work and speed up verification process.

Our Bariatric outcome tracking can help you with your SRC's COE certification.

We are also integrated with BOLD so you can submit patient data directly.

To find out more about what we can offer, please visit the physician area.

Healthcare Organizations

By offering the service to your physicians, you will have direct access to all the features offered to the physicians.

In addition, you have ability to centrally manage multiple practices and access to advanced reporting modules.

Visit our Healthcare Orgranization area for additioal information.

Welcome to Patient Hub ™

Here at Patient Hub, our goal is to improve communication between patients and physicians. We believe this will mean better care for patients, reduced costs for both patients and physicians, and improved efficiency for medical practices.

We have been preparing to provide better service and we are nearly done. In the next few months, you will see many new features and enhancements being rolled out throughout the site.

News & Events

Patient Hub for Patients
Patient Hub for Patients has been completely revamped. We increased the font sizes to make things easier to read; and we improved the layouts and the areas for “to-dos” to help you see more clearly what you can do on every page.
Patient Hub is Growing
We have redesigned our website to accommodate increasing numbers of patients and physicians coming to Patient Hub. We hope you like the expanded content and layout.
Patient Hub for Practices
A new version of Patient Hub for Practices has been released. In this new release, we have focused on consolidating the functionalities and improving navigation. We believe this new and improved version of Patient Hub will help you get all your work done more quickly. Every bit helps!”