About Patient Hub's Patient Portal

Patient Hub's patient portal is customized by the physician or healthcare organization specifically for their business.

Physicians who use Patient Hub know you have a busy schedule. By offering this service to you, they reduce the amount of time required for you to fill out paperwork, and they help you get answers to your questions in a timely manner and without delay.


Online Patient Pre-Registration
Online pre-registration allows you to complete the forms you would normally fill out in the waiting room of your doctor's office. Online pre-registration gives you all the time you need to gather the various parts of your medical history and complete the forms at your own pace.
Event Registration
If your physician has seminars, help sessions, classes, and other events, you can view the available times and signup for those events online. This feature also updates your attendance for some procedures for insurance purposes automatically.
Secure Messaging
Secure messaging allows you and your physician to communicate securely.
Appointment Request
With online appointment request, you can view the available openings and request appointments for different time slots.